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Blue Waters

Thank you to Our  Sponsors!!!

Thank you for supporting us during our rebuild!

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For $50 off each battery use our Code: SPEARIT



for 27% OFF a new prop!!

Our goal when we rebuilt the boat was to be as efficient as possible. We want to run our engine as little as possible, but we also don't want to lose boat speed. We looked into getting a folding prop to get rid of the resistance on the blades while sailing and got hooked up with THE BEST folding prop out there, a GORI 3 blade folding prop! The engineering is beyond impressive and we look forward to sharing git with you in a future episode.


We got the boat with leaky poorly functioning toilets so we knew one of the first things we needed to do was get new toilets. Thanks to Jabsco we were able to upgrade to a new electric head (what they call a toilet on a boat) that has a built in macerator, so no more worries of the toilet not flushing everything down. Bonus it also uses salt water so no fresh water going to waste on the boat!!


We want to give a huge thanks to Highfield for becoming one of our sponsors. As you all know, our old AB dingy was becoming pretty risky. Our dingy is our way to and from shore, in a way we consider it our car to and from home. Highfield Boats is known to be some of the best on the market and we are so excited to have one on the new 'Spear It Animal'. We look forward to all our dingy adventures and spearing missions!


We rely heavily on fishing as a food source. The cost of food in the Caribbean is not ideal if your a cruiser on a budget.

We are extremely excited to have our new Mythicon Carbon Fiber spearguns on board this trip, with extreme efficiency and power to make sure we're feeding ourselves well.

They also have a few great options on carbon fiber fins if you're in the market for new gear! Check them out and let us know how you like your new gear!!


Magma produces some of the best boat barbecues and fillet tables on the market. They're grills are durable with the harsh salt air and you can't beat a well made fillet table on the boat! They make a lot of great products so head on to their website and check out everything they have!!


We can finally SLEEP at night!! Hands down THE BEST ANCHOR we have ever had on any boat. This anchor digs in no matter the conditions. Grassy, sandy, rocky, this anchor has given us some solid nights of sleep. We can't recommend an anchor more than the Ultra anchor!

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"Disclosure: Some of the links in this video description may be affiliate links, which means I may earn a commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. However, please note that these recommendations are based on my honest opinions and experiences with the products/services mentioned. Your support through these links enables me to keep creating quality content.

Thank you for your support!"

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