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Gear We Use Diving/Spearfishing

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It is SUPER important to feel good in the water when you're free diving. The more comfortable you are the more you can focus on your hedrtrate, breathe ups, focus on that fish. Oceaner makes some very comfortable suits and they also custom fit them which means they'll fit like a second skin! Sascha is wearing her summer suit, but you can order any style you like, a spring suit, full body, 1.5mm-5mm, etc. 

If you'd like to place an order on an Oceaner Wetsuit, place an order through us and we can get you a discount. If you're interested shoot us an email.


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When you're scuba diving or free diving you need a weight belt to compensate of the buoyancy of your body and any gear you're wearing. For free diving we prefer to wear rubber belts. This is because you don't want to tighten your belt around your waist above your hips or you'll limit how much air you can fill into your diaphragm. With rubber you can tighten your belt around your hips and have a free diaphragm. 

Whether you use a belt with a buckle like the one in the pic or a quick release buckle is preference. 

They are both designed to easily ditch your belt in an emergency.

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It is so important to make sure you are getting the proper mask especially for free diving. You want to purchase a mask with very little inside area. Scuba masks have a lot of area inside the mask which is very inefficient when free diving, something you will learn in a Freediving Course :)

The hammerhead mask is great because you can choose from different lenses for different water quality and just preference, like your favorite pair of sunglasses! Bonus this mask has a GoPro mount to film every moment of your dive!!

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Again... It is super important to make sure you are comfortable in your gear when free diving. You want to be able to feel your feet at all time and this means buying properly fitting foot pockets. Not too big that they fall off, not too small that your feet go numb.

The Seac Motus fins have foot pockets that Sascha really likes. They come with plastic blades, but whenever you're ready to upgrade you can easily swap the blades out to your preference.

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The last thing you want is to lose your $300-$700 pole spear. We dive with a belt reel on our weight belt which we attach to our pole spears.

We have a few different reels on board, but we prefer the Rob Allen reel because you can easily take it on and off your belt with the bungie loop and if your fish is SOO BIG or something happens where you need to ditch your reel, you can drop your reel instead of your entire weight belt.

This is a huge add on if you're trying to go after those world record reef fish or diving where it's sharks, there is no losing that pole!

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 10.33.49 AM.png

Raf prefers this mask due to the fact that his face is a little wider and the nose piece doesn't dig into the top of his nose. When searching for a mask, it can be tricky due to the fact everyones face shapes are slightly different.

This mask is a great fit far larger faces, or men in general and it also comes with the GoPro mount!

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 11.43.27 AM.png

If you are looking for a new set of blades for your freediving fins, or want to upgrade from a plastic set, Penetrator Fins makes some great blades.

The main types of blades are Carbon Fiber, Composite, Fiber Glass, and Plastic. Do your research on what you think may work best for you.

Sascha likes the Ghost Composite (Soft) blades.

Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 1.01.57 PM.png

There are so many different types of weights to choose from and an assortment of colors you can go with too. Bright colors are good to wear incase you're diving in mirky waters so your buddy can keep an eye on you.

Also, make sure you're NEVER free diving OVER WEIGHTED! If you are bobbing at the surface on an exhale with your weight belt on, you're good. You don't want to sink at the surface, it is not a good habit either to over weight to get to the bottom faster. We don't want to scare you, but if you black out on your accent and you're overweighted, you won't be making it easy on your buddy and you'll be sinking quicker than they can get to you.

*Best thing to do if you're free diving is to TAKE A COURSE!! There is so much more to free diving than you can imagine!

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